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A Career, Year by Year

Birth Date: 1934 Cincinnati, Ohio
Education: Art Academy of Cincinnati 1944-46
Art Students League 1953-55

2006 "52 Years of Painting: An Artist's Journey"
Seven Bridges Foundation, Greenwich, CT
June 10
2006 Daniel E. Greene, N.A.
Artist in Special Tribute - 75th Annual Exhibition, Hudson Valley Art Association
April 21
2006 “Daniel E. Greene” Exhibition, Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida, February 9 - March 6
2006 “A Painter’s Guide to Design and Composition” by Margot Schulzke, February
  “Pure Color: The Best of Pastel” Edited by Maureen Bloomfield and James A. Markle, February
2005 Portrait of John F. Kennedy, Robert White’s JFK Collection
Guernseys Auction House, New York, New York, December 15
2005 Antiques & Fine Art at the Armory
Nedra Matteucci Gallery, 67th St. Armory, New York, New York, December 8 - 12
2005 “Robert White’s JFK Collection to be Auctioned by Guernseys”
Antiques and the Arts Weekly, November 25
2005 “Art of the 20th Century”
Gallery Henoch, 67th St. Armory, New York, New York, November 18 - 21
2005 “Say Something Special” Masterpiece Magazine, by Joanne Moore, November
2005 “Gallery Salute to the 130th Anniversary of the Art Students League of New York”
Gallery Henoch, New York, New York, September - November
2005 Pastel Society of America, Herman Margulies Award for Excellence, September
2005 “Miniatures” Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico, September
2005 Art Interview Online Magazine – Interview by Brendan Davis, August,
2005 “Journey to the Pantheon” Plein Air Magazine, by Paul Soderberg, August
2005 “Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy, First Ladies Of New York And The Nation”
New York Historical Society, Central Park West at 77th St., New York, New York, June - July
2005 “Inside the Studio of Daniel Greene” Pastel Journal, Cover, June
2005 Disegno - National Academy of Design
180th Annual Exhibition, New York, New York, May 25 - July 3
2005 “Portrait as a Legacy” by Karin Lipson, Act II – Cover Feature,, April 30
2005 Art Chicago in the Park, Chicago, IL, April 29 - May 2
2005 San Francisco International Art Expo, San Francisco, CA, January
2004 “Art of the 20th Century”
Gallery Henoch, 67th Street Armory, New York, New York, November
2004 US Artists Fine Art Show Catalog Cover, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October
2004 “America Seen” The Sage Center for the Arts, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan
October 3 - November 19
2004 “Subway Series” IN New York Magazine, October
2004 Official Guide to the 2004 Republican National Convention, Front and Back Covers
2004 “Subway Art Riding High” by Lindsay Pollock ArtNews, June
2004 “Daniel Greene, An American Master Comes Home”
Gala Opening to benefit the Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati, Ohio, May
2004 "An Artists Journey: Fifty Years of Painting"
The Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
2004 Interview - WGUS FM Cincinnati, Ohio, May 4
2004 “Daniel Greene, An American Master Comes Home”
Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, Artist Magazine, May
2004 “Important American Artists Of The Past Century”
The Art Students League of New York, Collections
The Forbes Galleries, New York City, New York
2004 “A Permanent Record Of What Has Been Accomplished”
by Pamela N. Koob American Artist Magazine, May
2004 “Daniel E. Greene Celebrates Centennial of The Subway Line”
American Artist Magazine, May
2004 “Time Out New York” Talk of New York, April
2004 "Rapid Rise for Greene’s Subway Art” Art Newsletter, March
2004 “Greene’s Paintings Commence Celebration of NYC’s Subways”
Antiques and the Arts Weekly, March 12
2004 Transit, Transit News, Television Interview, March
2004 “Daniel Greene Subway Paintings at Grand Central Terminal”
NBC TV Evening News, Lynda Baquero, March
2004 “Daniel Greene - Subway Paintings”Antiques and the Arts Weekly, February
2004 Lecture & Video Presentation, New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, New York, February
2004 “Daniel E. Greene - Subway Paintings” New York Transit Museum
Grand Central Terminal, February 12
2004 “Workshops of the Modern Masters” The Artists Magazine, January
2003 “Daniel E. Greene - The Examined Life” by Joanne Moore, Artists Sketchbook, October
2003 “Best of Westchester” by Nancy Claus Giles, Westchester Chronicles, July
2003 “Turning Point for Daniel E. Greene” Pastelagram, Summer 2003, Vol. 31, No.1
2003 “Exposed - The Nude” Invitational Exhibition, John Pence Gallery
2003 “Daniel E. Greene Oils & Pastels, The Loring Gallery, Sheffield, Massachusetts, May 25
2003 President’s Medal, Salmagundi Club, May 16
2003 International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS), Keynote Speaker
2003 "The Art of the Portrait" 2003 Conference Update, Portrait Society of America
2003 Recipient Joseph V. Giffuni Award, Pastel Society of America
2003 “Greene Finds Beauty Underground” by Amanda Barrett,, April 10
2003 “Subways, Figures, and Still Lifes” Gallery Henoch Exhibition, New York, New York, April 10
2003 “They Made Their Mark” Cincinnati Artists 1800-2003, Cincinnati Museum of Fine Art, April
2003 Daniel Greene’s “Subways, Figures, and Still Lifes” The New York Sun, April
2003 “Painting The Subway But Not With A Spray Can” by Randy Kennedy
The New York Times, April 1
2003 "Daniel Greene — Subways, Figures, and Still Lifes” Arte Al Dia News, March/ April
2003 “Face Value” by Joyce Corrigan and Jeffrey Morris Ridgefield Magazine, March
2003 “Making it Personal” Exclusive Interview The Artists Magazine, Dec/ Jan.
2003 “Daniel Greene At Gallery Henoch” Spotlight, Gallery Guide 2003
2003 “PSWC Pastel Laureate Award” Pastel Society Of The West Coast
Sacramento, California
2003 Invitational Exhibition, Charter Oak Gallery, Fairfield, Connecticut
2003 “Still Life and Interiors” John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, California
2002 “Art Of The Twentieth Century” Park Avenue Armory, November 21-24
2002 "Daniel Greene, An American Master" Exhibition John Pence Gallery
2001 "Daniel Greene, An Artists Journey" Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, New York
2001 “Robert Beverly Hale and His Circle of Influence: A Centennial Tribute” Invitational
The Art Students League
2001 Giffuni Award, Pastel Society of America
2001 The Columbus Museum of Fine Arts Purchase “The Watchman” by Daniel E. Greene
The Amos Fund, Columbus, Georgia
2001 Gold Medal Recipient, The Portrait Society of America
2001 Master Class Instructor, The Art Students League of New York
2001 “Homage To” Invitational Exhibition, John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, California
2001 "Daniel E. Greene on Inventing Dramatic Scenes" by M. Stephen Doherty and Michael J. Burlingham, American Artists Magazine, Cover- Feature, January
2001 "Daniel E. Greene: Creative Insights" by Jenny Sullivan
The Artists Magazine Cover - Feature, July
2001 "Daniel Greene’s Pursuit of Perfection" by Elizabeth Wilson
Pastel Journal Magazine, Cover - Feature, July/August
2001 Daniel E. Greene by Gerald Haggerty, Art News - March, New York Review
2000 "Auctions, Subway, and Still-Lifes" Hollis Taggart Galleries, October/November
2000 U.S. Artists, 33rd Street Armory, Philadelphia, PA
2000 "The Perfect Scene" From The Editor Sandra Carpenter, The Artists Magazine, June
2000 “League Masters Then” The Art Students League, New York, New York, November
2000 “Subway, Auctions, Orchids: Paintings and Pastels by Daniel E. Greene”
The Lotus Club, New York, New York
1999 "New Realism for a New Millennium" University of Rochester - Memorial Art Gallery
1999 Honoree: Benjamin Clindedinst Medal, The Artists Fellowship
1999 "Daniel Greene’s Auction Series at Hollis Taggart Gallery" Antiques & The Arts Weekly, June
1999 "Portrait Painting Today" by Steve Doherty, American Artist Magazine, April
1999 "Daniel E. Greene - Dedicated to his Craft by Lou Lehrman"
International Artists Magazine, Cover Feature, February/March
1999 The Lotos Club: Lifetime Member
1999 Artist Fellowship: Honorary Member
1999 Salmagundi Club: Honorary Member
1999 The Art Students League, Master Class
1999 "Refining your Personal Vision"The Artist's Magazine, January
1998 "Master Painters of the World" International Artist Magazine, Dec 1998/Jan 1999
1998 "The Complete Guide To Portraits" The Artist's Magazine, April
1998 Portrait Society of America, Board of Directors
1998 Pastel Society of America: Award
1998 Best of Pastel - Rockport Publishers
1997 “Marriage of Art” Northern Westchester Center for Arts, October
1997 Art News "A Century of Wonder" Review - Joan Whalen Gallery
1997 “Drawing The Lines — New York City Subways"
Ingbar Gallery and The New York Transit Museum
1996 Connecticut Public Radio, Interview - The Faith Middleton Show
1996 American Society Of Portrait Artists, Honoree: John Singer Sargent Medal
1996 Giffuni Award, Pastel Society of America
1996 Yale Art GalleryAcquisition "Man With a Sword"
1996 Rochester Museum And Science Center, May
1996 "The Master Of Studio Hill Farm" by Foxy Gwynne, Lewisboro Ledger, July 11
1996 Showcase Of American Pastel Artists
Vamp - CD ROM
1996 "Robert Beverly Hale" by Daniel Greene Pastel Highlights - American Artist Publication,
Pastel Society page
1996 "The Art Of Pastel Portraiture" by Madlyn Woolwich Watson Guptil Publications
1995 "Painting Official Portraits" by Daniel Grant, American Artist Magazine, May
1995 P. B. S. Channel 13, City Arts - Subway Paintings
1995 "Today’s Art Masters:Combining Abstraction and Realism - Daniel Greene"
American Artist Magazine, June
1995 "Subway Melody", The World And I Magazine, October
1995 "Personal Painting Style" by David Richards, North Light Books
1995 Center for The Arts - Wesleyan University
“Hard Comforts” Curator: Klaus Ottman
1995 "Subway Series II" by Don Gray, Arts Review Magazine, May
1995 The Journal of The American Society of Pastel Artists
“Daniel Greene A Master in Oil and Pastel”
1994 "American Realism Part I" Newman Gallery, Los Angeles
1994 Art Miami Exposition, Henoch Gallery
1994 “Interiors" Group Show, Louis Newman Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1994 CNN TV- Week in Review
1994 N.Y. I TV "Subway series II - Rapid Transit Riders" by Sharon Ditenhaus
1994 Gallery Guide; Preview: "Daniel Greene at Gallery Henoch," December
1994 ”Putting Portraits in Perspective," The Artist's Magazine, December
1994 ”Subway Scenes" Daniel Greene, Spotlight Magazine, December
1994 "Painter catches subway riders" by Rebekah Denn, Gannett Newspapers, December 3, 1994
1994 Autumn in the city, "Underground Movement" Friday, New York Daily News, December 2, 1994
1994 ”Subway as a canvas of life" by Karin Lipson, New York Newsday, Friday, December 2
1994 "Subway series II - Rapid Transit Riders" Gallery Henoch, New York, New York
1994 ”Daniel Greene exposes the poetry in NYC's Subways" Manhattan Arts, November-December
1994 "NY subway painter renders scenes from the underground" by Kirsten A. Conover
The Christian Science Monitor, Monday, November 28, 1994
1994 "Subway Series II: Rapid Transit Riders" by Scudder Smith
Antiques and the Arts Weekly, November 18, 1994
1994 "New York, New York: Evolution of a 20th Century Metropolis, in Architecture and Lifestyles"
Pelham Art Center, Pelham, New York, April/June (invitational)
1994 The White House: Presentation to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton of Daniel E. Greene's portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt, May 26, 1994
1994 White House Presentation Antiques and the Arts Weekly
1994 "Guida ai Ritratti a Pastello" Disegnare & Dipingere, May l994
1994 "The New Still Life" Invitational, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California
1994 Artiste Magazine, France, August 1994
1994 "Contemporary Master Pastellists" Luminous Inc. Publishers: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China
1994 Sole Juror, Salon International, Jackson, Mississippi
1994 Mississippi Today: Interview Channel 4, Stephanie Strickland
1993 "The Artists Guide to Pastel Portraiture" The Artist's Magazine, November
1993 "Daniel Greene", Gallery Henoch, Manhattan Arts Magazine, January - February
1993 "Lively Arts" by Ray Weiss, Gannett Newspapers Sunday, February 21
1993 "Daniel Greene at Gallery Henoch" by Raymond J. Steiner, Art Times January - February
1993 "Putting Figures Together in an Environment, Subway Paintings by Daniel Greene"
by Stephen Doherty American Artist:Magazine
l993 New York "Galleries, Antiques and Auction Houses” Where Magazine, January
1993 "Daniel Greene Subway Series", Gallery Henoch
1993 "Pastel Interpretations" Madilyn Woolwich F & W Publications
1993 "Expressing Yourself in your Paintings" by David Richards, North Light Publishing Co.
1993 Guest Lecturer, Animation Department- Disney Studios
1993 Sole Juror- Portraiture and Figure painting competition: The Artist's Magazine
1992 Television coverage of Subway Series December 1992, ABC Nightly News Tim Fleischer; Fox 5 "Style" Amy Atkins; CNN "Week in Review"
1992 "The Beauty Beneath Our Feet" Friday, New York Daily News, December 4
1992 "Daniel Greene's Subway Series" Antiques and the Arts Weekly, December 4
1992 "Tunnel Vision" by Kevin Haynes, New York Magazine, December 7
1992 "Adventuring in Diversity" by Howard Farber, Art Speak, Summer
1989 “Daniel E. Greene: Early Works from the Plohn Collection”
Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut
1989 “Art at the Embassy Program”, United States Embassy, Bern, Switzerland
1989 United States Embassy, The Vatican, Italy
1989 “Artists of America” Invitational, Colorado Historical Museum, Denver
1989 “12 Chose 12” Hammond Museum, New York
1989 House and Garden Magazine, Peter Rogers Collection
1989 LeFranc & Bourgeois Video Films “Daniel Greene Pastels and Oils”
1989 Best of Show, Kansas Pastel Society
1988 “Art at the Armory” New York, New York
1988 “The American Portrait 19th and 20th Century” Invitational
Hurlbutt Gallery, Greenwich, CT
1988 Gold Medal, Pastel Society of America
1988 Len Everett Memorial Award, Allied Artists of America
1987 Hammond Museum Retrospective, New York
1987 Alain Blondel GalleryInvitational Paris, France
1987 “La Passion Des Apparence” Gallerie Gismondi, Paris, France
1987 “Master Pastellists” Harmon Meek Gallery, Naples Art Museum, Naples, Florida
Canton Art Institute, Canton Ohio
1987 “Daniel Greene Portraitist and Still Life Radical”
Kathy Grantham, North County News, July 1
1987 "Realism in Which Appearances Deceive” by Vivian Raynor, New York Times, July 19
1987 “Daniel Greene at the Hammond Museum” by Harold Zimmer, New York Times, August 14
1987 Certificate of Merit, National Academy of Design, New York, New York
1986 “The Detailed Image, Realism Here and Abroad” Invitational
Harcourts Contemporary Gallery, San Francisco, California
1986 “The Painted Collage”, Invitational, Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia
1986 “Works on Paper”, Invitational, Frumpkin-Struve Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1985 One Man Exhibition, Gallery Henoch, New York, New York
1985 “Daniel E. Greene Exhibition” byOwen Findsen, Art in America October
1984 College of Arts and Letters, San Diego State University, California
1984 “The New Portrait”, P.S.I., New York, New York
1984 “The Figure, A Survey” American Artist Magazine
1984 “Mallen Mit Pastellfarben" Hornemann Verbag, Bonn, Germany
1983 Election to the Pastel Society of America Hall of Fame
1982 “The Mystery of Pastel; The Work of Daniel E. Greene”
New Jersey Music and Arts Magazine
1981 One Man Exhibition, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
1980 One Man Exhibition, Baker Gallery, Lubbock, Texas
1980 “Pastel” American Artist Magazine September
1979 Gold Medal, Rockport Artists Assocation
1979 Betty and Leone Peters Award, Pastel Society of America
1978 One Man Exhibition, Driscol Gallery, Denver, Colorado
1976 “Current American Painting”, Invitational
Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio
1975 One Man Exhibition, Loring Gallery, New York, New York
1975 “Figurative Artists” , Ligonier Valley Invitational, Pennsylvania
1974 “Still Life, Today’s Art” February
1974 “Pastel” Daniel Greene, Watson Guptill
1974 Salmagundi Prize, National Academy of Design, New York, New York
1974 American Watercolor Society Award
1974 Best in Show, Pastel Society of America
1974 Ranger Fund Purchase, National Academy of Design, New York, New York
1974-1982 Instructor, Art Students League, New York, New York
1973 One Man Exhibition, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Georgia
1973 One Man Exhibition, Talisman Gallery, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
1973 “D’art De Painter au Pastel” Rosin
1973 "El Rate De La Painter al Pastel”
1973 "L’Arte DI Dipingere a Pastel”
1972 “The Art Of Pastel”, Daniel Greene, Rosin Assoc., New York, New York
1970 “Medal of Honor, Daniel Greene” Today’s Art, September
1970 Syndicate Medal of Merit, American Watercolor Society
1970 Issac Maynard Award, National Academy of Design, New York, New York
1969-1974 Instructor, National Academy of Design, New York, New York
1969 “Pastel Painting”, Reinhold Publications
1969 “Daniel Greene, Pastellist" American Artist Magazine, November
1969 Grumbacher Prize, Allied Artists of America
1968 “Portrait Drawings" American Artist Magazine, February
1968 Bohnert Award, Hudson Valley Art Association
1968 Famous Artists Award, Allied Artists of America
1967 Pauline Law Award, National Arts Club
1967 Hillebrand Award, Hudson Valley Art Association
1966 Oil Prize, Ligonier Valley Art Pennannual Exhibition
1966 Emmerich Award, Hudson Valley Art Association
1966 Medal of Honor, Audubon Artists
1966 National Arts Club Oil Award
1966 Council of American Artist Award, Hudson Valley Art Association
1965 Emily Lowe Award, Allied Artists of America
1965 Salmagundi Award, American Watercolor Society
1965 Bronze Medal of Honor, National Arts Club
1965 Abraham Sharp Award, Salmagundi Club
1964 Herman Wick Memorial Prize, Salmagundi Club
1964 Bruce Stevenson Memorial Scholarship, National Arts Club
1964 Elizabeth T. Greenshields Foundation Grant
1963 Rosenthal Prize, Salmagundi Club
1963 John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Foundation Grant
1960 “Works on Paper” Janet Nessler Gallery, New York, New York
1956 Allied Artists, Honorable Mention
1955 Helen Herzberger Scholarship, Art Students League, New York, New York
1954 Concours Award, Art Students League, New York, New York
1954 The Thelka Bernays Scholarship, Art Students League, New York, New York

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